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Windows Mobile Treo Gets Support

The release of a Windows Mobile Palm Treo smartphone is still officially a rumor, but at least one vendor said this week that it will support the device.

Mobile database vendor Syware said Monday that it will provide a help desk to assist enterprises as they transition their mobile applications from Treos based on the Palm OS to a Windows Mobile version of the popular smartphone.

Palm has refused to confirm that such a device is in the works, but an executive of the company acknowledged last week that adopting Windows Mobile would be a smart move for Palm. In addition, pictures of Windows Mobile Treos have been popping up regularly on enthusiast sites.

Syware said in a statement that its help desk will be available as soon as Palm officially releases a Windows Mobile Treo.

"We are preparing to establish support for Palm OS users who may be thinking about a future transition to Windows Mobile," Syware president Sy Danberg said in a statement. "In preparation for this, we are developing a special pricing and support package to assist Palm OS users who may be in need of developing or transferring handheld applications to support their business needs."