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For developers: Syware announces mEnable 2.0

April 07, 2005 [General]
If you are a software developer of enterprise applications, then this story may be of interest to you... however soon Microsoft will release Visual Studio .NET 2005 and SQL Server Mobile Edition will be embedded in ROM of each Windows Mobile device and mobile database products - such as those from Syware - may become quickly obsolete... Information from Syware follows.

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mEnable 2.0 Software Receives Accolades from Microsoft, Allows Users to Run Wireless, Heavy-Duty Database Applications on Handhelds and Connect to any ODBC-Enabled Database in Real-Time at Any Time or Place

mEnable Unleashes New Capabilities for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Visual Studio and Visual CE Communities

SYWARE, Inc., announced the availability of mEnable 2.0, to provide mobile users with wireless access to enterprise data and run database applications on handhelds and connect to ODBC-enabled databases in real-time at any time or place. mEnable compliments the company’s Visual CE software product line that empowers people to rapidly create feature-rich database applications, without programming, that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile device wherever they need to work. This news follows SYWARE’s previous announcement that Visual CE was successfully deployed to mobilize information between the enterprise and the field to ultimately benefit Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), Home Depot (NYSE: HD) and others.

“mEnable provides a valuable tool for meeting the needs of the increasingly mobile work force,” said Rogers Weed, General Manager of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT). “Wireless database applications are unquestionably critical to the enterprise and workers in the field,” said Sy Danberg, President, SYWARE, Inc. “The market demands feature-rich, data-intensive applications that run on wireless devices that can connect to enterprise data formerly trapped at central facilities. To better meet our customer’s requirements, mEnable allows wireless handheld users to access server data and run heavy-duty data applications that interact with large, complex databases,” Danberg added.

Occasional or Always Connected: Your Info On The Go.

mEnable Occasionally Connected: Be productive 24 x 7 -- even when the network isn’t.

For those who cannot rely on a continuous connection to server data, SYWARE offers mEnable Occasionally Connected and Visual CE. When the network is available, users read from and write to the enterprise server. When coverage is lost, they work locally. When coverage is restored, the local and server databases are synchronized and users resume working against the server.

mEnable Always Connected

Some users need continuous access to server data to interact and work with large databases that can be cumbersome on their handhelds. Others need access to a large amount of information on handhelds, yet it’s not always possible to store all the data locally. With mEnable’s always-connected interface to corporate servers, users get real-time access to large amounts of centralized data that was formerly trapped at central facilities.

Get the power of mEnable and Visual CE 9 Software for go anywhere wireless database applications.

Combine the power of mEnable and SYWARE’s new Visual CE 9 to create and use wireless, feature-rich database applications that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device-wherever users need to work. By combining mEnable and Visual CE 9, users can trade in dated, paper-based systems and processes for an easy-to-implement wireless solution that enables people to: collect data remotely and view critical information locked in back-end servers; have organization-wide automated reporting to make key decisions and stay ahead of the competition; and have better communication between the office and representatives in the field. All of this can be accomplished, with virtually no programming, using Visual CE and mEnable. Support for TCP/IP allows mEnable to work on any LAN, WAN, or Internet connection using the TCP/IP protocol. The network can be based on local Ethernet, Internet protocol, 802.11 wireless LAN, GPRSM, or Bluetooth.

Visual Basic .NET and Visual CE Communities Benefit from mEnable

The latest release of mEnable supports and benefits the Visual Basic .NET and Visual CE communities. Developers can leverage their knowledge of VB .NET to create VB .NET applications that are much more powerful than Java-built applications. Additionally, mEnable allows hundreds of thousands of SYWARE and Microsoft users to wirelessly download, collect, display, modify and automatically synchronize critical information between the enterprise and the field

Whether you program using Visual Developer’s studio, or Visual CE, you’ll find mEnable cuts down your development time significantly, by allowing you to concentrate on the application issues, not the connectivity issues.

Pricing & Delivery

mEnable runs on the full spectrum of mobile, Windows-based PCs, from handheld units to tablets to laptops, including Windows XP-powered Tablet PCs, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, and all devices running Windows CE, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP. The software is priced at $499 for the mEnable SDK plus 10 run-time licenses. mEnable single user license: $99; owners of Visual CE Personal Edition can get mEnable for $69. The mEnable SDK packaged with 100 run-times is $1999. To try or buy mEnable or to learn more about Visual CE, visit

Credit: Joe Romano.