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Apparently SYWARE - Windows Mobile software vendor - knows something about Windows Mobile powered Treo made by Palm ...

August 11, 2005 [Pocket PC phone]
SYWARE announced that it will be supporting users of Treo, who will be making transition from Palm OS based Treo to Windows Mobile powered Treo. Apart from that Chinese press is informing that HTC will be manufacturing Treo powered by Windows Mobile ...

Clearly unofficial rumors about Treo powered by Windows Mobile are becoming reality and not rumors any more... Information from Syware follows.

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Get Ready for Palm’s “Treo” to Use Windows Mobile with SYWARE’s Mobile Database and Application Development Software…All the Advantages of Windows Mobile and Microsoft, Without the Need to Learn or Use Visual Basic

SYWARE announced that it will provide a specific help desk for Palm OS users who will need to consider transitioning field PDA applications with the expected eventual transition to Windows Mobile. The help desk will go into action as soon as Palm OS officially releases a “Treo” version with Windows Mobile. Many current users of Palm OS will need to start preparing to move their existing or future applications to this new platform to continue to enhance their business mobility. SYWARE’s Visual CE Mobile Database and Application Development product and its integrated products for wireless synchronization and remote printing will allow this to take place without needing to hire new programmers to learn and use Visual Basic. SYWARE requires no programming to develop robust PDA applications on Windows Mobile PDAs.

SYWARE’s President Sy Danberg stated “We are preparing to establish support for Palm OS users who may be thinking about a future transition to Windows Mobile. In preparation for this, we are developing a special pricing and support package to assist Palm OS users who may be in need of developing or transferring handheld applications to support their business needs. Many of our customers utilizing our products have implemented field applications 50 times faster than using Visual Basic where as still retaining the integration with other .NET products and the significant advantage of the Microsoft Platform.”

This news follows a previous announcement that an international panel of industry experts, sponsored by Microsoft Germany and Pocket PC Magazine Germany, presented SYWARE with a “Best Database Software Award 2004.” SYWARE allows users in a wide variety of market sectors to mobilize business information between the enterprise and the field to rapidly convert PC or paper-based processes into fully mobile applications that can be deployed on any Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device. Business or user-specific data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified and automatically synchronized. SYWARE enables users to create feature-rich, easy-to-use database applications without programming.