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Powerful, Inexpensive Report Writing and Graphing tool is used by .NET Programmers and SYWARE’s Visual CE Developers Throughout the World

SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of intuitive, mobile database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced Report CE® 5.0, a major release of the only report writing, printing and graphing tool for Pocket PC devices. Report CE 5.0 runs on Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices, including those that support the new Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 software, and works with a variety of popular database formats, including SYWARE Visual CE®, Microsoft Pocket Access, and SQL Server CE. The latest edition of Report CE provides additional power and flexibility for a wide variety of small and large enterprise applications. New features include support for graphing, including line graphs, bar graphs and pie charts; grouping/sub-totals; international number and currency support; and a runtime "wizard" for automatic creation of distribution files.

With Report CE 5.0, mobile workers can print professional reports that relate to their specific industry or task directly from a Pocket PC, without the need to go back to the office. The addition of graphing greatly enhances the presentation of data either on screen or printed. Report CE 5.0 can be used to create invoices, sales reports, customer quotes, and more. Imagine the impact a real estate agent can make by showing his clients not only the raw data on housing costs in a particular neighborhood, but also a graph showing the trends.

SYWARE, Inc. is committed to making the mobile software development and deployment process as quick and easy as possible and to supporting developers throughout the world. Report CE 5.0 furthers that commitment with the addition of a runtime wizard for automatic creation of distribution files, and with support for international numbers and currency. According to Sy Danberg, president of SYWARE, Inc., "Our experience with Visual CE developers has shown us that creating the runtime distribution version of a developed application can be a major stumbling block to deployment. The runtime wizard created for Report CE greatly reduces the time and frustration involved in this task."

Report CE operates in conjunction with Visual CE, SYWARE's award-winning database and forms builder software for Pocket PC and Windows CE devices. Data can also come from applications developed with eMbedded Visual Basic, eMbedded Visual C++, or .NET. Reports are based on Visual CE, Pocket Access, or (using SYWARE's sqlceEnable™) SQL Server CE tables. For wireless access to server based data, Report CE also works with any desktop ODBC enabled table using SYWARE's mEnable®.

Pricing & Delivery
Report CE 5.0 is available in Personal and Professional editions and can be purchased from the SYWARE online store at Report CE Personal (US$79) is licensed for single device applications. Report CE Professional (US$399) includes a royalty-free license to distribute standardized Reports. SYWARE's related products, Visual CE, sqlceEnable, and mEnable are sold both separately and as part of the cost saving Mobile360tm bundles. (Source: Press Release)