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Product News Network, Feb 14, 2005

Visual CE 9 empowers mobile users to create database applications that can be deployed on Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device. Data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified, and automatically synchronized. Software includes set focus, lose focus, and value change events; custom menu bars; and Wizard to create distribution disks. Image control can display HTML, macros can call other macros, and files can be moved via mEnable wireless connection.


SYWARE, Inc., announced a new software version, called "Visual CE 9", that empowers mobile users around the world to rapidly create feature-rich database applications-without programming-that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device - wherever they need to work. Today, tens of thousands of loyal customers in the global Microsoft CE development market rely on SYWARE Visual CE solutions. As a result, developers, and non-technical users, in a wide variety of markets can use Visual CE 9 to mobilize information between the enterprise and the field to rapidly convert PC or paper-based processes into fully mobile applications 10x faster than other market alternatives. Business or user-specific data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified and automatically synchronized.

"Competitive solutions that claim to "rapidly mobilize applications" are typically costly, require the user to have a programming background, are not easy-to-use, take too much time to develop, or they force companies to expand IT departments to manage software and data between desktops and servers to devices," said Sy Danberg, President, SYWARE, Inc. "The Visual CE product line solves these problems, while meeting the specialized needs of the mobile user to provide seamless access to essential information on or offline, at any time or place," Danberg added. Visual CE 9 software includes the following new features:

-- Events: set focus, lose focus, value changed

-- Wizard to create distribution disks

-- Custom Menu bars

-- Macros can call other macros

-- Image control can display HTML

-- Search command buttons can do exact match searches

-- Search command buttons no do not have to prompt user from search value

-- Center aligning of controls (in addition to left and right)

-- left/center/right alignment on text controls

-- Image controls connected to text fields and cameras: (SYWARE takes pictures and generates file names)

-- Command button to set focus to a particular control

-- Command button to show/hide some other control

-- mEnable on and mEnable synch command buttons can suppress the dialog

-- Moving files via mEnable wireless connection

-- Import/Export Command buttons allow you to specify filename

-- @serialnumber

-- Cut and paste multiple controls

Visual CE 9 applications can be created for any Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Pocket PC handheld. Visual CE Lite Edition is priced at $19.99. Visual CE Personal Edition, with full forms design, relational database, and synchronization capabilities, is priced at $129. Visual CE Professional Edition includes all the features of Personal Edition and royalty-free distribution rights and it is available for $399. Visual CE Enterprise Edition it is priced at $599 and includes all the features of the Professional Edition plus SYWARE's Report CE software and an mEnable (wireless connectivity) license. To evaluate or purchase SYWARE products, visit: