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Software Writes Reports From Pocket PCs onto Paper-Anywhere

SYWARE, Inc. announced today that it provides the only software for a global community of Pocket PC users to print reports directly to paper from the Pocket PC device in the field, wherever the user needs to work, without having to go back to the office or print from a device located in the vehicle. Report CE works with most all other popular database tools, including Visual CE, Microsoft Pocket Access, and SQL Server CE. SYWARE enables companies of all sizes and individuals to develop and deploy mobile Pocket Access applications. SYWARE's Visual CE 9 Pocket PC Database and PDA development software product, and its integrated products for wireless synchronization and remote printing, allow complete and robust mobile applications to be implemented. SYWARE requires no programming to develop robust applications on Windows Mobile PDAs.

"Mobile workers can now print professional reports-- that relate to their specific industry, or task, directly from a Pocket PC, without the need to go back to the office," said Sy Danberg, President, SYWARE. "This unique report writing software tool also brings full-featured printing capabilities to Pocket PCs, which normally cannot print on their own," Danberg added.

The City of Irving, TX announced that SYWARE's Visual CE software can be used to develop handheld applications, allowing the City's code enforcement information from the mainframe to be loaded to handheld devices for the inspection officials to perform their duties in the field. City officials will be able to record results of their inspections on the handheld, bringing back the handheld to the office to load on a docking station so that the mainframe and PC Log are updated. This will minimize the data entry that Code Enforcement currently does on the mainframe and PC. Along with the efficiencies that the handheld provides, the inspection official will be able to print inspection reports and field notices in the field to give property management. Additional software (Report CE) will be used to design and print the reports on IRDA (infra red device attachment) printers along side the handheld so that officials can print the necessary reports anywhere without having to go back to a vehicle. For more information on Report CE, visit and click on the "Products" button of the navigation bar or visit directly.