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Providing Pocket Access, Mobile Database, Windows CE Database, and Windows CE Development Solutions

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Visual CE® is First Database and Forms-Builder Software to Support Windows-Powered Pocket PC

SYWARE's Visual CE for the Pocket PC Allows Building of Database Applications in Minutes

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Cambridge, MA (April 19, 2000). SYWARE, Inc., leading developer of Microsoft Windows CE, ODBC, and database tools, today announced the release of Visual CE for the Pocket PC, the first database and forms-builder software to support the new array of Windows-powered Pocket PCs. Visual CE for the Pocket PC allows users to build their own databases and create custom forms in a matter of minutes. Available in Personal, Professional, or Enterprise Editions, the software is designed to support the wealth of features available in Pocket PCs, including faster sync and connect speeds, high resolution screens, and 16-bit color.

"We immediately recognized that the Windows-powered Pocket PCs are the next generation in handheld devices," said Sy Danberg, President of SYWARE. "To take advantage of their increased functionality and flexibility, we developed Visual CE for the Pocket PC to deliver the database features needed for today's mobile users. Drag and drop customization, a wealth of editing features, automatic synchronization, and compatibility with native Pocket PC databases, allow users to create the perfect database or form for any task."

"The Pocket PC is the most expandable device on the market, giving users more choices and options for adding capabilities as specific needs arise," said Rogers Weed, Director of Marketing for the Mobile Device Division of Microsoft. "We are excited that SYWARE is taking advantage of this by putting Visual CE's powerful database functions in the hands of mobile users. From patient information to insurance records to field engineering data, Visual CE for the Pocket PC centralizes data, speeds information reporting, and eliminates paperwork and repetitive data entry."

The Go Anywhere Database
Programmers and business professionals alike can use Visual CE for the Pocket PC to create a variety of database and Pocket PC forms applications. Applications draw from a set of common controls: labels, edit boxes, note boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, tab buttons, and drop down lists. Font control, device-based printing, timestamps, Digital Ink (scribble), and simple calculations are also supported. Additional features include support for color, data filtering, wild card searches, password protection, and calculations across records. Controls can be sized, dragged, and positioned as necessary using the desktop WYSIWYG development environment. Supported data types include text, note, bitmap, data/time, numeric, and money. A pop-up calendar and numeric keypad facilitate data entry.

The Professional and Enterprise Editions of Visual CE for the Pocket PC are designed for more advanced development applications and include such features as data storage to a flashcard, command buttons, autonumbering, application launch buttons, synchronization of multiple devices to one desktop, and the ability to remove all references to SYWARE and Visual CE from the created application. In addition, the Professional and Enterprise Editions allow developers to create an unlimited number of applications and distribute them to an unlimited number of end-users, royalty-free.

Reporting and Printing
SYWARE's Report CE® for the Pocket PC is a full-featured reporting and printing tool for the Pocket PC. Users can easily create and print custom reports from any Pocket PC device, including invoices, quotes, and customer receipts. Report CE works in conjunction with Visual CE and is available for purchase separately or as part of the Visual CE for the Pocket PC, Enterprise Edition package.

Visual CE for the Pocket PC applications are created on any Windows 9x-, NT-, or 2000-based desktop system and downloaded to the Pocket PC. Applications run on any Pocket PC device, including the Compaq Aero and HP Jornada. "We are excited about the market potential for the new, expanded Pocket PC," said Sy Danberg. "At the same time, we recognize the strength and importance of the existing user base and so will continue to support legacy users with new features of Visual CE."

Price & Delivery
Visual CE for the Pocket PC is available in three different versions. Visual CE for the Pocket PC, Personal Edition, is priced at $129, quantity one. Visual CE for the Pocket PC, Professional Edition, provides a more advanced feature set and includes royalty-free distribution rights; it is available for $399. Visual CE for the Pocket PC, Enterprise Edition, includes all the features of the Professional Edition plus includes SYWARE's Report CE software; it is priced at $599.

About Pocket PC
Windows-powered Pocket PCs, the next generation PDAs from Microsoft and its partners, offer customers the best way to connect to their most essential information while away from their desk, yet are versatile enough to satisfy the personal needs of today's busy mobile lifestyle. Pocket PCs already include a broad range of native business, personal productivity, and entertainment applications, yet can easily be expanded to adapt to each customer's changing needs through an ever growing number of industry standard hardware and software expansion options.

Founded in 1990, SYWARE, Inc. ( is a leading developer of Windows CE, ODBC, and database connectivity tools for handheld devices. The company offers a wide range of software products for use in business and personal productivity applications, including: Visual CE, database and forms-builder;Dr. DeeBee® ODBC Driver Kits; and SeriaLink, a Windows CE-based keyboard wedge.

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