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SYWARE's Visual CE Database Development Tool Supports Symbol Pocket PC with Integrated Scanner

Pocket PC Database Development Software Enables Easy, Affordable Bar Code Scanning

Cambridge, MA (August 28, 2000). SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of intuitive database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced that it has enhanced its popular database development software, Visual CE® for the Pocket PC, to support Symbol Technologies PPT 2700 Pocket PC with integrated bar code scanner. The combined solution allows organizations with limited resources to quickly develop databases for a wide variety of scanning tasks, from inventory control to transportation to health care.

"A highly efficient technique for capturing error-free information quickly, bar code scanning is winning wide acceptance," said Sy Danberg, President of SYWARE. "Until we teamed Visual CE with Symbol's new handheld, though, the benefits of scanning were beyond the reach of many small to mid-size companies…companies without the programming staff or financial resources to develop a scanning application."

SYWARE's Visual CE, together with Symbol's PPT 2700 Pocket PC, provide an opportunity for companies to implement their own low-cost scanning solutions. Visual CE's intuitive, drag-and-drop interface allows users to create powerful data collection and information access applications with the extensive functionality typically available only through high-end programming.

In inventory control, for example, Visual CE can be used to build database forms on a desktop PC. The forms are then downloaded to the Symbol handheld PC used by the warehouse staff. The bar code being scanned contains a number which is linked to inventory information in the Visual CE database, such as item description, vendor, min/max shelf quantities, part number, and cost. As staff scan the bar code, the number is displayed in the database form, along with pertinent inventory information. All data collected via the scanner can be easily synchronized with the desktop PC database allowing comparison of the actual stock on the shelves with the information stored in the database.

"With Visual CE, users can quickly build custom applications for our Windows CE and Pocket PC rugged devices," said Keith Kanneg, Sr. Director of Software Marketing at Symbol Technologies. "The nominal price for the product makes it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized organizations considering an integrated scanning solution."

Visual CE for the Pocket PC
Visual CE for the Pocket PC allows users to build their own databases and create custom forms in a matter of minutes. Available in Personal, Professional, or Enterprise Editions, the software is designed to support the wealth of features available in Pocket PCs, including faster sync and connect speeds, high resolution screens, and 16-bit color.

Programmers and business professionals alike can use Visual CE to create a variety of database and forms applications. Applications draw from a set of common controls: labels, edit boxes, note boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, tab buttons, and drop down lists. Font control, device-based printing, timestamps, Digital Ink (scribble), and simple calculations are also supported. Additional features include support for color, data filtering, wild card searches, password protection, and calculations across records. Controls can be sized, dragged, and positioned as necessary using the desktop WYSIWYG development environment.

The Professional and Enterprise Editions of Visual CE for the Pocket PC are designed for more advanced development applications and allow developers to create any number of applications and distribute them to an unlimited number of end-users, royalty-free.

Symbol PPT 2700
The Symbol Technologies PPT 2700 combines ruggedized mobility, bar code scanning, and wireless LAN connectivity with the new Microsoft Pocket PC platform. The pen-based family of mobile data management devices allows companies to leverage the familiarity and flexibility of the Microsoft Windows® operating system in feature-rich pocketable computers with integrated scanning capabilities.

Price & Delivery
Visual CE for the Pocket PC is available in three different versions. The Personal Edition is priced at $129, quantity one. The Professional Edition provides a more advanced feature set and includes royalty-free distribution rights; it is available for $399. The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Professional Edition plus includes SYWARE's Report CE® software; it is priced at $599.

SYWARE, Inc. is a leading developer of mobile database tools for business and personal productivity. Founded in 1990, the company offers innovative data management and connectivity software for use in a wide range of applications, including patient monitoring, inventory management, and field surveys. The cornerstone of SYWARE's product line is Visual CE®, the popular database development tool for Windows CE handhelds used by such companies as IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, ChevronTexaco Corp., and US Geological Survey. For more information, see

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