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SYWARE's sqlceEnable™ Software Adds Mobile Reporting and Printing Interface to SQL Server CE Databases

Cambridge, MA (March 31, 2003) - SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of intuitive, mobile database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced sqlceEnable™, a new software tool that allows mobile professionals to create and print custom reports from any Pocket PC or Windows CE device using data from SQL Server CE databases. With sqlceEnable, data from any SQL Server CE database can be used to generate and print invoices, quotes, and customer receipts from remote locations.

sqlceEnable is an add-on to SYWARE's Report CE®, the world's only report writing tool for Pocket PC and Windows CE handhelds. Together, sqlceEnable and Report CE allow users to quickly design and share professional reports in exactly the format required. A single report can draw data from multiple tables within the same SQL Server CE database. Filtering capabilities allow users to choose only the records they wish to view. Finished reports can be printed or emailed as text attachments, providing a quick and easy way to distribute receipts to customers or stocking reports to distributors. Reports can also be displayed and printed in color.

"SQL Server CE is a powerful and familiar tool for embedded developers looking to create mobile databases," said Sy Danberg, President of SYWARE. "sqlceEnable and Report CE extend the usability of SQL Server CE by providing an intuitive, report generation environment that allows the creation of applications to generate customer quotes, output inventory pick lists, or print patient reports."

Pricing & Delivery
sqlceEnable runs on any Pocket PC or Windows CE device and is available for immediate purchase from the SYWARE online store at The sqlceEnable SDK packaged with 10 run-time licenses is priced at $499. The sqlceEnable SDK packaged with 100 run-times is priced at $1999.

sqlceEnable is an add-on to Report CE which is available in either Personal or Professional Editions. Report CE Personal is designed for single device applications and is priced at $79. Report CE Professional is priced at $299 and includes a royalty-free license to distribute custom report templates.

SYWARE, Inc. is a leading developer of mobile database tools for business and personal productivity. Founded in 1990, the company offers innovative data management and connectivity software for use in a wide range of applications, including patient monitoring, inventory management, and field surveys. The cornerstone of SYWARE's product line is Visual CE®, the award-winning database and forms development tool for Pocket PC and Windows CE handhelds used by such companies as IBM, Hollywood Video, ChevronTexaco Corp., and US Geological Survey. SYWARE is also the creator of mEnable®, a flexible software architecture for real-time wireless access to enterprise data located on corporate servers. For more information, please visit

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