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SYWARE’s Visual CE Pocket PC Development Software Proves 10 Times Faster Than Using Visual Basic.NET For Building and Deploying Mobile Field Applications

Visual Basic Windows Developers Use SYWARE’s Visual CE 9 to Skip the Visual Basic .NET Learning Curve--No Programming Required

CAMBRIDGE, MA, U.S.A. --August 23, 2005-- SYWARE, Inc. announced today that Visual Basic Windows Developers who are under pressure to learn Visual Basic.NET to provide their companies and users with mobile applications have opted out of the learning curve by relying on SYWARE’s Visual CE software to develop and deploy mobile Pocket Access applications. SYWARE’s Visual CE 9 Pocket PC Database and PDA development software product, and its integrated products for wireless synchronization and remote printing, allow complete and robust mobile applications to be implemented. SYWARE requires no programming to develop robust applications on Windows Mobile PDAs.

Businesses are under pressure to quickly and inexpensively provide field, sales and service applications for the mobile workforce. Developing applications with Visual Basic .NET can add unwanted cost and complexity. Many firms have discovered it can take months to build and deploy applications using Visual Basic .NET. SYWARE addresses this problem as the company’s Visual CE 9 product enables companies to build and deploy applications in days for even the most demanding enterprise-class applications. For companies that are not ready to transition to Visual Basic .NET, SYWARE presents a very quick, inexpensive alternative for companies to rapidly build feature-rich prototype applications in Visual CE. Firms can review the prototype with the option of going back and committing to the development and deployment process using Visual Basic .NET. The market has started to shift to other alternatives, such as Visual CE 9, to solve their mobile computing needs. According to Chuck Colley, President of Biologix-IT:

“Visual CE offers a rapid and stable path to our mobile healthcare application that is 10 times faster than traditional development products such as Visual Basic or Visual C++. I can choose from a list of command sequences for functions like sorting, filtering, or communications. I don't have to write all the code behind the command buttons. It's already done in Visual CE.”

Another Visual CE user, Anthony Newman of infoSync, mentioned:

“Despite its power, Visual CE is an amazingly easy application to learn. Even creating quite powerful and complicated form solutions takes very little time. Connectivity is the big selling point, as it can not only use existing database solutions but can move large and complicated masses of information in freshly mobile ways. Whatever your requirement for data entry, however sophisticated or simple, at personal or enterprise level, Visual CE aims to meet your every need - and it succeeds without qualification.”

SYWARE’s software is so easy to use that over 100,000 users in 100 different industries have used it to empower their mobile workers to meet their remote business needs without costly and lengthy implementation cycles. With so many needs at the core of software and system development, SYWARE’s software products afford developers and users an easy way to collaborate to mobilize their business information.

About SYWARE, Inc.

SYWARE empowers over 100,000 mobile users to collect data and create feature-rich database applications that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device- wherever they need to work. Industry or user-specific data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified and synchronized, without programming. SYWARE provides low cost of ownership, rapid deployment and return-on-investment without requiring users to expand IT departments to manage software and data between desktops and servers to devices. SYWARE removes obstacles to commerce and enables users to share data seamlessly over wireless, LAN, WAN or Internet connections in a wide variety of market sectors, including municipalities, healthcare, transportation, government, life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace and other markets.

The cornerstone of SYWARE’s product line is Visual CE 9 To learn more about SYWARE, visit SYWARE is also the creator of mEnable, a flexible software architecture for real-time wireless access to enterprise data located on corporate servers, and FoneDB, the first database software for Microsoft Smartphone devices.

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