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SYWARE’s Visual CE® Tightly Integrates HP Pocket PCs’ built-in Cameras with Easy-to-Use Database Software for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs

Allows users of Hewlett-Packard Pocket PCs with built-in cameras to take and store pictures directly from their database application and synchronize them to desktop or server databases.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, U.S.A. – March 21, 2006 – SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of mobile database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced that Visual CE, the award-winning rapid application development software for database and forms development on Microsoft® Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, has added direct support for HP Pocket PCs' built-in cameras. When applications built with Visual CE are run on HP Pocket PCs with built-in cameras, end users can take pictures and either save them directly into a database running on their device or save them as external files linked to the database record. They can move the pictures to their desktop database using the Visual CE synchronizer and print them out with a portable printer.

To capture images from HP Pocket PCs from within a Visual CE-built application users simply click an image control and the control becomes a viewfinder. Point the camera, click the control again, and the image is stored directly into the Visual CE database. They can then use Visual CE's synchronization capability to send the image to a desktop or server via an ActiveSync connection or wirelessly, and they can print the image immediately using a portable printer.

The addition of support for HP built-in cameras to Visual CE means developers can create information-rich, mobile database applications for end users in just a few hours or days. For example, a home inspection company can create a database application that allows inspectors to add images of the specific problems they detect to their inspection reports. When an inspector returns to the office or synchronizes wirelessly, the image is uploaded to the server for inclusion in the final report. The application can use SYWARE's Report CE® to produce and print, onsite, an inspection report that includes the printed images.

Pricing & Delivery

Visual CE is available in Personal and Professional editions, and as part of SYWARE's cost saving Mobile360tm bundles. It can be purchased through SYWARE's online store at Visual CE Personal (US$129) is licensed for single device applications. Visual CE Professional (US$399) includes a royalty-free license to distribute created applications. SYWARE's related products, Report CE, sqlceEnable®, and mEnable® are sold both separately and as part of the Mobile360™ bundles.


SYWARE, Inc. is a leading developer of mobile database tools for business and personal productivity. Founded in 1990, the company offers innovative data management and connectivity software for use in a wide range of applications, including patient monitoring, inventory management, and field surveys. The cornerstone of SYWARE's product line is Visual CE, the award-winning database and forms development tool for Pocket PC and Windows CE handhelds used by such companies as IBM, Hollywood Video, ChevronTexaco Corp., and the US Geological Survey.

SYWARE is also the creator of mEnable, a flexible software architecture for real-time wireless access to server data; Report CE, reporting, printing and graphing software; and FoneDB®, the premier database software for Smartphone devices. For more information, see

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