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SYWARE’s Visual CE® Tightly Integrates Google Maps Mobile with Easy-to-Use Database Software for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs

Allows users to build handheld database applications with built-in mapping capabilities.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, U.S.A. – September 12, 2007 – SYWARE, Inc., a leading developer of mobile database tools for business and personal productivity, today announced that Visual CE, the award-winning rapid application development software for database and forms development on Microsoft® Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, now support Google Maps Mobile. Applications built with Visual CE can launch Google Maps Mobile and display the map or satellite view of the area related to a specific record.

To display the area relating to the current record, users simply click a button on the Visual CE form. Visual CE will retrieve the location from the current record, launch Google Maps Mobile, and display the area in map view or satellite view. The record may contain an absolute address (for example, "1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington D.C.") or a description (for example, "Statue of Liberty").

The integration of Google Maps Mobile with Visual CE means developers can create information-rich, mobile database applications for end users in just a few hours or days. For example, an inspection company can create a database application that allows inspectors to find directions to the site they are to inspect.

Pricing & Delivery

Visual CE is available in Personal and Professional editions, and as part of SYWARE's cost saving Mobile360™ bundles. It can be purchased through SYWARE's online store at Visual CE Personal (US$129) is licensed for single device applications. Visual CE Professional (US$399) includes a royalty-free license to distribute created applications. SYWARE's related products, Report CE®, sqlceEnable™, and mEnable® are sold both separately and as part of the Mobile360™ bundles.


SYWARE empowers over 100,000 mobile users to collect data and create feature-rich database applications that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device, wherever they work. Industry and user specific data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified, and synchronized, without programming. SYWARE provides low cost of ownership, rapid deployment, and high ROI, without requiring users to expand IT departments. SYWARE removes obstacles to commerce and enables users to share data seamlessly over wireless, LAN, WAN, or Internet connections in a wide variety of market sectors, including municipalities, healthcare, transportation, government, life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace, and others.

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