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October, 2005 Edition

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Industry News:


Story: SYWARE Customers Upgrading to new businessMobile 360 Suite to be First in line to Take Advantage of Deployment Management Tool
The businessMobile 360 Suite will establish a platform that will allow SYWARE to provide powerful, enterprise-class offerings, including SYWARE’s Deployment Management Tool. Enterprises have hundreds of employees using myriad of devices and applications, yet they are not attuned to how mobile workers in the field customize individual applications to suit specific uses. If a Pocket PC goes down, IT departments can’t always restore the customized applications and forms as they don’t have a view into a user’s device. The Deployment Management Tool will enable IT staff to view disparate versions of applications and forms each user employs for their mobile needs-- allowing companies to: backup, recover and restore mobile applications and forms; understand which devices are running what versions of software and what devices are deployed in the field. For more on businessMobile 360 Suite, click here.

The Database Doctor is in! Helpful Tip from Dr. “DeeBee”: Using a Message Box in a Macro Triggered by a Get Focus Event
If the Get Focus event for a control triggers a macro and that macro puts up a message box, the user may not be able to dismiss the message box.  In particular, when the user presses OK, the message box will just reappear. Learn how to avoid this problem by clicking here.

Technical Tip:
Windows Mobile 5.0 Support Alert: Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 2005 added some security features.  These non-backward compatible changes cause applications that used to work on older Windows CE / Pocket PC / Windows Mobile machines to not work on these newer machines. SYWARE's products are some of the many applications affected by these changes. SYWARE has provided an interim solution for this issue-- if you have Windows Mobile 5.0 device you can get the solution here.

Story: SYWARE gets two Awards from MobileVillage-- Visual CE 9 Receives Bright Star Award, Enterprise Software, Database Category, 2005. MobileVillage also grants Visual CE 9 the Gold Star Award, Enterprise Software, Law Enforcement Category
MobileVillage is a 10-year leader in news services about mobile technology. Mobile Star Awards honor the best companies, products, deployments, and leaders in mobile and wireless technology.  Winners were selected by technology executives, mobile users, buyers, IT managers, developers, and top tech journalists. “This year we saw over 100 entries in 60 categories, and nearly 800 people took the time to cast votes,” said MobileVillage Editor Gary Thayer.  “The Mobile Star Awards are unique in that the judges have a great knowledge of the industry and eager to tell the world which mobile products deserve recognition.”

Industry News: “New Hope for Africa: Pocket PCs Improve Tuberculosis Care”
Click here to read Pocket PC Magazine’s highly informative account of how Pocket PCs are starting to improve healthcare in Africa.

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