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December, 2005 Edition

Happy Holidays to all our friends and customers throughout the world. 2005 has been a very successful year for SYWARE, Inc. and we want to thank all of you for helping to make it happen.

Recently SYWARE completely updated and improved our Web site to better service and support our global community. If you haven't already, please take a few minutes too look it over.


Industry News:

News from SYWARE: New versions of Visual CE, Report CE and mEnable
SYWARE, Inc. is pleased to announce that Visual CE version 9.2, Report CE 5.6 and mEnable 2.1 are now available to purchase or download. They all offer seamless support for Windows Mobile 2005, while maintaining support for older versions. If you interested in obtaining a paid or free upgrade, go here for details.

News: Visual CE receives the 2006 "Best Relational Database" award for Windows Mobile from Austria's ITM praktiker magazine
Austria's "ITM praktiker" magazine is a general interest electronics magazine that has been publishing continuously since 1945. According to their editorial staff's experts in the field of handheld software, Visual CE is the best relational database available for Windows Mobile. Their complete list of "bests" for 2006 is available here.

Technical Tip: The Database Doctor is in! Helpful Tip from "Dr. DeeBee"; Adding an OID column to an existing table
Visual CE's synchronizer requires an additional column to be added to the desktop/server table(s) to correlate the records between them and the handheld. Adding this column may cause difficulties for existing legacy applications. Here's a technique for adding the OID column without disturbing your legacy applications.

Article: "Choosing Your Next Windows Mobile Device", by Tyson Greer
With the dizzying array of new device types, features and manufacturers available supporting Windows Mobile 2005, sorting out what your users need can be difficult. In this informative article, Ms. Greer takes on the persona of several different types of mobile users, then decides which handheld device features are critical to them.

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