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April, 2006 Edition

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Industry News:

News from SYWARE: Geo-Information Solutions releases GPS-GIS mapping and attribute management software powered by Visual CE.
Tierra Mapper v2.0 is powerful mobile GPS-GIS mapping software that links with Visual CE for attribute management. It maps database points/features, GIS raster image data, and Shapefile data, providing a complete GPS-GIS mapping and database solution. Visit their website to look over the details and download an evaluation copy.

News from SYWARE: Visual CE tightly integrates HP Pocket PCs' built-in cameras.
On March 21st SYWARE announced support for tight integration with HP Pocket PCs' built-in cameras. The capability, which is included in release 9.3, allows end-users employing HP Pocket PCs with built-in cameras to take pictures from within their applications. The images can either be saved directly into a database or linked to the record as an external file. They can be moved to a desktop using the Visual CE synchronizer and printed with a portable printer. Please take a moment to read the complete press release.

Technical Tip from "Dr. DeeBee": Adding a Control to the Middle of the Control Order.
Visual CE uses the "control order" to determine the order of the columns in the record list display, the order in which the cursor moves from field to field when the user presses the Tab key, and the order of command buttons in a macro program. When you create a new control, it is always placed at the end of the control order. You then can select FORM | CONTROL ORDER and use the "Move Up" button to put it in the desired position within the control order. Using the "Move Up" button works well if there are only a few controls, but if you want the control to be in the middle of the control order of large form, it can be cumbersome. Here's an easy way to create a new control and put it where you want it in the control order.

Information: Spotlight on GPS devices.
SYWARE, Inc. does its best to work with hardware from all peripheral vendors targeting the Windows Mobile space. Often we are asked what hardware we recommend when adding GPS capabilities to applications built with our tools. We donít have a specific recommendation, but we do recommend that you do some research to see what is best for you. If you are considering the purchase of GPS hardware, you may wish to look over this comprehensive list of Pocket PC and Smartphone built-in and add-on GPS devices provided by Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine.

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