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July, 2006 Edition

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Industry News:

News from SYWARE: First Visual CE training class scheduled for October 6th, 2006.
The beginner Visual CE and associated tools training class has been scheduled for October 6th, 2006 at the Marriott Boston North in Woburn MA. This class offers an introduction to database design as well as particulars of using Visual CE to create data entry applications. It is open to anyone; you do not need to be a SYWARE, Inc. customer to attend. The cost is $299 for a full day of instruction and includes continental breakfast, box lunch, and afternoon snack. Discounted rooms are available at the Marriott. Please contact Frank Yacano to reserve your spot and get more details, including the course outline.

News from SYWARE: sqlceEnable evaluation edition available.
The vast majority of our customers use Visual CE's built-in database on their devices and have no need to use .SDF files (SQL Server CE databases). This is true even if they are working with SQL Server as their server database, since Visual CE can automatically synchronize to any ODBC database, including SQL Server. However, some of our customers have used other tools to build applications requiring SDF files. For these customers we offer sqlceEnable. It allows Visual CE and Report CE to work against .SDF tables. If your requirements include SQL Server CE, you may wish to try the sqlceEnable evaluation.

Technical Tip from "Dr. DeeBee": Controlling a Macro by Using an "if" Expression in a SKIP Command Button.
When running a macro, sometimes you want to use an "if" expression to skip some steps. For example, you may have a macro that creates a total and, if the total is more than $100.00, applies a 10% discount. You can learn how to create a macro that uses an "if" expression together with a skip command by following this suggestion.

Industry News: AXIA A308 PDA looks like a phone but has full Pocket PC capabilities.
The Axia A308 PDA is a device that has a touch screen and the full Pocket PC Phone Edition Operating System, but looks and feels like a cellphone. As many of you know, we don't recommend devices without touch screens for data entry applications, so if your organization is considering a smartphone deployment, you may wish to look at the technical specifications of this unique device. Please note, SYWARE, Inc, has not yet tested its products on this device so, if you get your hands on one, please let us know!

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