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October, 2006 Edition

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News from SYWARE: SYWARE, Inc. Releases Visual CE 10, New Version of the Award Winning Database and Forms Builder for Windows Mobile.
Major new release of the powerful, inexpensive, award winning database software for Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition devices adds centralized device control, a macro builder, and support for the Windows Mobile 5 Universal Camera API. Please read the press release and look over the list of new features.

Information: Visual CE 10 Upgrades and Evaluations.
Customers interested in upgrading to Visual CE 10 should visit SYWARE's product upgrade page. If you purchased after September 21, 2006, your upgrade to 10 will be free upon request. Please note that with the release of Visual CE 10, Visual CE 9.x downloads are no longer available.

In conjunction with the release of Visual CE 10, new Visual CE evaluations are available. Even if you have previously run an evaluation you can run the Visual CE 10 evaluation for 30 days. Existing customers, please be advised that you cannot install an evaluation version over a paid version of Visual CE. Existing customers wishing to evaluate 10 before purchase should uninstall their current version before installing the evaluation. If you need detailed instruction on how to do this, send us an email.

Technical Tip from "Dr. DeeBee": Searching Using a Multiple Column Key.
When searching, you may want to search based on more than one column. For example, your table may have two columns, LAST_NAME and FIRST_NAME, and you want to find a record for a particular person. Although Visual CE's RECORD | SEARCH only allows you to specify the value for one column, this technique makes it possible to search based on two or three columns.

Resource: Windows Mobile 5.0 How To.
So you have a new Windows Mobile 5 device and you would like to quickly learn how to use its many features. For example: how to use text messaging, maximize its performance, personalize it, use bluetooth settings, and set up passwords and certificates. Learn how to do all this and much more by visiting Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0 how to pages.

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