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June, 2009 Edition

Thank you for reading the SYWARE, Inc. monthly newsletter, which provides updates on our mobility products, offers tips, and highlights industry-related articles and resources.

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  • Announcement: SYWARE Fax Line Closed
  • News: SYWARE Fall Training Class Announced
  • Article: Take Advantage of the Economic Downturn
  • Technical Tip: Bar Code Scanners

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  • News: Cellphones More Taxing Than Most Realize

SYWARE Announcement: SYWARE Fax Line Closed

After many years of service, we are closing the SYWARE, Inc. fax line (+1-617-497-8729). We request that, instead of faxing, you please scan and email documents to us. If this is not feasible, please call +1-617-497-1300 and we will make arrangements to receive your fax.

SYWARE News: SYWARE Fall Training Class Announced

SYWARE will be offering its SYWARE Training Class, scheduled for October 26, 2009 near our Cambridge office. Attendees of this one-day class will learn how to create mobile database applications that use many different kinds of hardware and input devices, over various connection mediums, from any location. For more information, please visit the SYWARE Training page.

SYWARE Article: Take Advantage of the Economic Downturn

Things are slow these days; that's not news. But this is a great opportunity to finally create the handheld infra-structure you've wanted but never had the time to set up. If you've been thinking of automating by using handhelds, it's relatively inexpensive to pick up a copy of Visual CE and get handhelds working for you. Get a Visual CE Personal Edition now for just US$129 and develop your application while you have the time. When the economy picks up, you can then upgrade to the Pro Edition for just the difference in price to roll out your application to your users. The economy will get better; be ready when it does.

Technical Tip from "Dr. DeeBee": Bar Code Scanners

Visual CE has built-in support for barcode scanners from Symbol, Socket, and Intermec. Visual CE also supports barcode scanners from other manufacturers through the use of the manufacturer's Keyboard Wedge. Here's how to use bar code scanners with Visual CE.

Mobile Industry News: Cellphones More Taxing Than Most Realize

This may come as suprise to most people: The cellphone your company gives you is a taxable fringe benefit. Yep, there is a 1989 law that says workers are supposed to count the value of personal calls on a company cell phone as taxable income. And, recently, the Internal Revenue Service sparked an outcry when it sought ideas for how better to enforce the law. Here's some interesting reading on the subject...and some reactions.

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