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July, 2009 Edition

Thank you for reading the SYWARE, Inc. monthly newsletter, which provides updates on our mobility products, offers tips, and highlights industry-related articles and resources.

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  • Article: What Would You Like to See In Visual CE
  • Announcement: SYWARE Fax Line Closed
  • News: SYWARE Fall Training Class Announced
  • Technical Tip: Retiring A Handheld

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  • News: Google v. Microsoft

SYWARE Article: What Would You Like to See In Visual CE

We're working on Visual CE version 12 and we want your input. What features would you like to see added? What problems do you have with Visual CE that you would like solved? Please let us know how we can make Visual CE meet your needs.

SYWARE Announcement: SYWARE Fax Line Closed

After many years of service, we are closing the SYWARE, Inc. fax line (+1-617-497-8729). We request that, instead of faxing, you please scan and email documents to us. If this is not feasible, please call +1-617-497-1300 and we will make arrangements to receive your fax.

SYWARE News: SYWARE Fall Training Class Announced

SYWARE will be offering its SYWARE Training Class, scheduled for October 26, 2009 near our Cambridge office. Attendees of this one-day class will learn how to create mobile database applications that use many different kinds of hardware and input devices, over various connection mediums, from any location. For more information, please visit the SYWARE Training page.

Technical Tip from "Dr. DeeBee": Retiring A Handheld

If your handheld gets lost, stolen, or just plain wears out, you would probably "retire" the handheld. When you do this, you should also remove any handheld-specific settings you have made in Visual CE. Here's how to retire a handheld from Visual CE.

Mobile Industry News: Google v. Microsoft

A long, long, time ago, it was rumored that Microsoft had the internal mantra, "DOS is not done until Lotus won't run". Well, apparantly, what goes around, comes around. Is Microsoft now holding the short end of the stick? Read the article and you decide.

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