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Spring, 2011 Edition

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  • Visual CE and Android
  • Technical Tip: Speeding Up a Filter
  • Technical Tip: Synchronizing Tables with Foreign Key (One-to-Many) Relationships

Visual CE and Android

We are actively working on an Android version of Visual CE. We hope to get an initial release out by the end of this year.

Please Note: We will continue to support Visual CE for devices running the Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded, and Windows Compact operating system. We appreciate your dedication to our product and we will not abandon you.

The initial release of the Android product will be a very stripped down version of Visual CE. Over time, we hope to add most of the Visual CE functionality. Availability will be announced though this newsletter, email, and our stay tuned.

Technical Tip from "Dr. DeeBee": Speeding Up a Filter

When you turn on a filter, sometimes it takes a while to turn on. This is especially true if there are many records in your database. Here is something you can do to speed this up.

Technical Tip from "Dr. DeeBee": Synchronizing Tables with Foreign Key (One-to-Many) Relationships

The Visual CE synchronizer synchronizes one table at a time. It completely synchronizes one table before synchronizing the next. If you have foreign key (one-to-many) relationships, the parent records have to be inserted before the child records are inserted, and the child records have to be deleted before the parent records are deleted. So there is no sequence of table synchronization that will work in all cases. Here are some work arounds.

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