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mEnable enables you to greatly increase the efficiency and utility of business applications that use handheld devices with Microsoft mobile operating systems.

If you are a third party system developer, an in-house developer or a technical or operations manager, you will find that mEnable makes it possible for you to create extraordinarily useful applications that take full advantage of handheld device potential.

mEnable can be used to create applications that can take advantage of wireless communication between handheld devices and servers, to transmit data and images, synchronize tables and files and folders, and to configure and control handheld devices from a central server.

Personnel in the field can enter data into forms on their handheld devices or, via their handhelds' wireless capabilities, directly to a central server. System administrators can keep handhelds completely up to date, with the latest table structures, and can exchange vital data and images that assure efficient and accurate application functions.

mEnable enables the development of mobile applications that can meet and exceed business objectives - with the available hardware and infrastrucutre.

A closer look
mEnable is a set of tools that can be used to create applications with three major types of functional capabilities. Developers and administrators can take advantage of any or all of its capabilities.

  1. Interactive wireless data exchange
    mEnable makes it possible for you to create handheld applications that can communicate wirelessly with a central server. Users can fill in forms on the handheld while simultaneously reading fromand writing to any ODBC-enabled server database. If wireless access is not available at any time for any reason, the data can be stored on the handheld and then synchronized with the server.
  2. Wireless File and Folder Synchronization
    With mEnable, users can wirelessly synchronize handheld and server files, folders and directory structures. Users have the up-to-the minute information they need, including photographs, drawings and charts. If the handheld contains a camera, its pictures can be sent to the central server.
  3. Centralized Control
    mEnable also enables extraordinary management capabilities. System administrators at a central site can configure new handhelds in the field over a wireless network connection. The administrator can install programs, create directory structures, create tables and initialize them with data, and configure synchronization settings - all without a physical connection to the handheld.

    The administrator can also modify the content and configuration of existing mobile devices in the field - even the strucutre of existing tables, adding columns for example.

    And, if a device is lost or stolen, the mEnable application can be used to wipe the settings, tables and folders from the device.

A Very Flexible Set of Tools
mEnable is a state-of-the-art set of tools designed to work seamlessly with commonly used technologies.

Client applications that can share data with database servers via mEnable include SYWARE Visual CE and Report CE, as well as custom built .NET applications. Databases include any ODBC-enabled datasource, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and Sybase.

mEnable communication takes place over any connection that uses TCP/IP, including the internet.

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mEnable provides mobile synchronization software for mobile database applications

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