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Dr. DeeBee® ODBC Driver Kit

Overview, Limitations and Requirements


The Dr. DeeBee® ODBC Driver Kit contains the C source code for a fully functional ODBC driver (Level 2 (most) API, minimum+ SQL grammar). It is expected that programmers will modify this source code to provide ODBC access their own proprietary databases.


The source code provides a complete ODBC driver implementation. The Network Edition and the Gold Edition have the following limitations:

  • Only minimum+ level SQL is supported.
  • A few of the infrequently used level 2 ODBC API calls are not supported (like SQLProcedures and SQLProcedureColumns).
  • Column and table names are not case-sensitive (this can easily be changed). String data comparisons are case sensitive.
  • Qualifiers or owners are not allowed on databases, tables, etc.
  • There is limited query optimization. No indexes are used, although there hooks in place to allow you to use indexes.

In addition to the above, the Silver Edition also has the following limitations:

  • ODBC 3.0 entry points are not supported.
  • Only the level 1 ODBC API calls are supported, plus a few level 2 functions (like SQLPrimaryKeys and SQLForeignKeys).
  • Scrollable cursors are not supported.
  • Character and binary values supplied for parameterized queries (SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE NAME = ?) are limited to 255 bytes.

In addition to the above, the Bronze Edition also has the following limitations:

  • Nested sub-selects are not supported.
  • Multi-level outer joins are not supported.
  • Scalar functions are not supported.
  • Transactions are not supported.

In the source code provided, simple dBASE files (dBASE files without indexes or memos) are used as the underlying database. All dBASE specific code is isolated to two modules.

Our initial testing shows that this driver will work with off-the-shelf applications such as Access, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, MFC/VC++, etc. If you encounter problems, please let us know.


In addition to the Dr. DeeBee ODBC Driver Kit, you will need the following to build and distribute your ODBC driver:

  • A C/C++ compiler.
  • The ODBC SDK is very useful. The ODBC SDK is available directly from Microsoft as part of MSDN Level 2. Call Microsoft at 1-800-759-5474 or 1-206-882-8080 for more information. It may also be found on the Microsoft web site.

It is assumed that the user has working knowledge of what ODBC is, the ODBC API, how to use ODBC, etc. Recommended reading in these areas include:

  • Windows Multi-DBMS Programming; Ken North; John Wiley & Sons; 1995
  • Inside ODBC; Kyle Geiger; MS Press; expected June 1995
  • The ODBC Solution; Robert Signore, John Creamer, Micheal O. Stegman; McGraw-Hill; 1995
  • Microsoft ODBC 2.0 Programmer's Reference and SDK Guide; Microsoft Press; 1994
  • Microsoft ODBC 3.0 Programmer's Reference and SDK Guide; Microsoft Press; 1997





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