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Dr. DeeBee® ODBC Driver Kit

Transaction Support

The Network, Gold and Silver Editions of the Dr. DeeBee® ODBC Driver Kit support transactions to the extent they are supported by the underlying database. For example, if you are building a driver for a true relational engine (such as Oracle or SQL Server), the transaction mechanism implemented by the engine can be used to implement transactions in the driver. On the other hand, if you are building a driver for simple text files, transactions could not be supported since regular file input/output does not support transaction operations such as commit or rollback.

Exposing the underlying database's transaction capabilities is relatively straight forward. Initially, you specify the transaction capabilities of your underlying system. There are a variety of options ranging from "transactions are not supported" to "full transaction support". If you specify that transactions are supported, they are initiated implicitly by calls to ISAM layer. The ISAM layer receives explicit calls to commit or rollback a transaction.

Transactions are not supported by the Bronze Edition.






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