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Visual CE® 12.0 Beta Program

The release of Visual CE 12.0 is right around the corner and here's your chance to get a sneak peek at it. Those of you who are already Personal, Professional or Mobile 360 licensees can purchase an upgrade to Visual CE 12.0 beta in advance of the production release. You will be sent the production release at no additional charge, as soon as it is available. Those who do not yet have a Visual CE license of any type can buy the 12.0 beta now to get started and will also receive the production release at no additional charge, as soon as it is available.

Major new features in version 12...

  • A macro debugger
  • Tabs
  • Updateable grids
  • Synchronization to multiple desktop databases
Plus features you've asked for...
  • Supress headers on export / import
  • Macro control of grid selection (fist, previous, next, last)
  • Labels and GO TO's in macros
  • Lock forms as installations are created
  • Additional GPS functions
  • Faster macro execution

For current licensees, the Beta includes not only the features above, but also a free upgrade to the production Visual CE 12.0 when it is released. People who purchase a new Visual CE license can also get the beta and the free upgrade to Visual CE 12.0 when it is released.

Being a beta release, it is not unexpected that there may be some problems. SYWARE wants to know about these problems and get them fixed. If you encounter any difficulties with the new features, contact SYWARE, identify yourself as a beta-tester, and we'll do what it takes to fix the error.


  • Visual CE Personal Edition Licensees: US$45 including a free upgrade to Visual CE Personal Edition 12.0 when it is released.
  • Visual CE Pro Edition Licensees: US$135 including a free upgrade to Visual CE Pro Edition 12.0 when it is released.
  • Mobile 360 Licensees: Please contact SYWARE.

Ordering: Ready to upgrade? Contact SYWARE. Please include:

  • The licensee's name
  • Company name, if applicable
  • Date of purchase of original edition
  • Edition (Personal, Pro, mobile360)
  • Where purchased
There is no need to send credit card information. We will send you a reply email explaining how you can purchase your beta release of Visual CE 12.0.


Visual CE 12 - Professional :: $399

Perfect for 3 or more users

Visual CE 12 - Personal :: $129

The choice for an individual user

Download Visual CE today
and have your application prototyped tomorrow.


Not Quite Ready to Purchase? Try the Visual CE 30 day Evaluation.

Contact SYWARE @ 617-497-1300 or click here to send an email for detailed product & purchasing information.

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