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Using a Purchase Order:

SYWARE, Inc is happy to accept Purchase Orders for any order over $250, as well as PO's of any amount from existing customers.

Purchase Orders should be printed on Company letterhead and include, a mail to address with a bill to name and phone number, a ship to address with a delivery name and phone number, a PO #, and should indicate if you want physical shipment or electronic shipment. If you choose electronic shipment, please provide an email address to which we will send the download link.

Please send your Purchase Order to Sales at SYWARE, Inc. / P.O. Box 425091 / Cambridge MA 02142.

International Orders:

SYWARE, Inc works directly with most of our customers throughout the world. You can use our online store to order, or you can use a Purchase Order, or simply phone us. All quotes and payments will be in $US Dollars. Payments can be made by check, credit card or wire transfer. Should you need wire transfer information, please email requesting it.

In some countries and regions SYWARE, Inc,has resllers. You current software supplier is welcome to call us to source the product for you, or you can email us and request information on a reseller we may have in your area.