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Report CE FAQ

Report CE software adds reporting, printing, and graphing capabilities to mobile database applications

R4-a) How can I upgrade from Personal Edition to Pro Edition?

Our current policy is that you can upgrade one edition to a higher edition by just paying the difference the price of the edition you want minus whatever you paid for the edition you have. For example, if you paid $79 for your Personal Edition, you can upgrade to the Pro Edition for just $220 ($299 minus $79). For more details, visit our upgrade information page.

R4-b) How do I distribute my forms?

Starting in Report CE 5.0, you can use the runtime wizard (FILE | CREATE DISTIBUTION FILES) to create an installer for your application. After the wizard creates the installer, copy the installer files onto a floppy disk or CD. This is what you distribute to your users. It contains all the redistributable components of Report CE. Your users will run SETUP.EXE from this disk to install your application.

If you have an older version of Report CE, do the following:

The older Pro Edition comes with a redistributable runtime system. Run the self extracting zip file by selecting START | PROGRAMS | REPORT CE | RUNTIME. This will create a folder in a location you specify and copy some files into this folder. Copy the contents of this folder onto a floppy disk or CD. This is your RUNTIME diskette. The RUNTIME diskette is contains the redistributable components of Report CE®. If, on a desktop machine, you run SETUP.EXE from the RUNTIME diskette while a handheld is attached, it will install an empty report, the Report CE runtime modules, and the desktop synchronization modules. You can modify the RUNTIME disk to install your form instead, just follow the instructions in the file "Report CE.lod" (it is a text file).

R4-c) In addition to my form, I want my runtime disk to also install a Pocket Access database (a .CDB file). Everytime I drag the .cdb file to my desktop, ActiveSync Converts it to a .MDB file. How can I keep ActiveSync from converting the file?

Using ActiveSync on the desktop, change the file extension from .CDB to .CD. Then, drag the file to the desktop. It should come over without being converted. Once the file is on the desktop, change the extension back to .CDB (don't forget to do this both on the desktop and the handheld).