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Tip of the Month (December 2000)

Storing Data on a Storage-Card / Flash-Memory

If you create a table using Visual CE's CREATE TABLE or DOWNLOAD TABLE functions, it is placed in the Windows CE Database Object Store (which must be in RAM memory). However, you can also use Visual CE with data stored in Pocket Access (.CDB) files, and these files can be anywhere (including the storage-card / flash-memory).

If your device has Pocket Access installed on it, you can use that to create a Pocket Access (.CDB) file.

Pocket PC's do not have the graphical Pocket Access application, but you can still use Pocket Access (.CDB) files with Visual CE. To create the Pocket Access (.CDB) file, first create an .MDB file on the desktop and then drag it over to the handheld using ActiveSync/MobibleDevices.