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Tip of the Month (October 2001)

Using New Fonts with Old Forms

Prior to release 6.0, Visual CE had very limited font options (small, medium, large; bold or non-bold). Beginning with release 6.0, you can now pick from a variety of type faces, point sizes, and styles.

Controls built with older versions of Visual CE still show the old-style options, even in the new release. You can easily convert these controls to the new-style fonts: just hold down the SHIFT key key as you click the "Font" button in the properties dialog.

If you have to change the font on multiple controls at once, load the form into the Visual CE development environment and select the first control by clicking on it. Hold down the CONTROL key and select the other controls. Then select EDIT | PROPERTY from the menu. You will be able to set the font of all the controls at once (and, remember, to change from old-style to new-style fonts, hold down the SHIFT key when you press the "Font" button).