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Tip of the Month (November 2002)

Hiding Scroll Bars in a Single Frame Form

You don't need scroll bars if your entire form can fit on the screen at one time. But, if you have a some "hidden" controls off to the side of the screen, Visual CE will put up a scroll bar.

Visual CE automatically puts up a scroll bar whenever (a) all the controls do not fit onto one screen and (b) there are no move-to-when-pressed Command Buttons.

To hide the scroll bar, all you have to do is make a move-to-when-pressed Command Button, turn "Relative to frame rectangle property" off, and move it to where it won't be seen. Only your initial frame will ever be seen and there will be no scroll bars.

Note: if you want to have both a scroll bar AND a move-to-when-pressed button on the same form, see the November 2006 tip of the month.

-- Hats off to Ken Ober of MedSouth Record Management, LLC, for submitting this month's technical tip.

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