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Tip of the Month (January 2003)

Making A Demo Form That Will Timeout

If you are making forms that you plan to sell to other people, you may want to allow your prospective customers to try the form for a limited time. When the forms comes up, just have the form run a little macro program that determines if the curent date is beyond a specified date and, if it is, immediately close the form. The macro program is just four commands long:

Command 1: Skip button. Expression: if ('2003-01-16' - @now < 0) then 0 else 2

Command 2: Message "Form has timed out"

Command 3: RECORD | CLOSE

Command 4: "Return from macro"

Don't forget to select EDIT | MACROS/EVENTS, press the EVENTS button, and set the ON STARTUP event to trigger your macro.