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Tip of the Month (February 2004)

Jumping Based on More Than One Value

A Jump Button will let you jump from one form to another based on a common value. For example, you can jump from PATIENTS to VISITS based on on PATIENT_ID to see all the visits for a particular patient. But what if you wanted to jump based on two fields (for example, LAST_NAME and FIRST_NAME). Here's now to do it in three east steps.

STEP 1: On your destination form (VISITS.VCE in our example), add a filter (EDIT | FITLERS | ADD). The filter will have two conditions:

FIRST_NAME = @var(0)


LAST_NAME = @var(1)

Be sure to use the @ button to select the variable. Also, make sure the "Match all" radio button is on.

STEP 2: Still on the destination form (VISITS.VCE in our example), create a macro program with two commands:

  1. Option | Filter | Predefined and select the filter you created in STEP 1.

  2. Return from macro .

STEP 3: Still on the destination form (VISITS.VCE in our example), Select EDIT | MACROS/EVENTS and press the EVENTS button. Set the ON STARTUP event to trigger the macro you created in step 2.

STEP 4: On the form you are jumping from (PATIENTS.VCE in our example), create a macro program with three steps:

  1. Assign with "Value" of FIRST_NAME and a "Col" of @var(0)

  2. Assign with "Value" of LAST_NAME and a "Col" of @var(1)

  3. Run (not Jump) and designate your destination forms (VISITS.VCE in our example) as the command