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Tip of the Month (November 2004)

Changing the Name of the Storage Card Folder

When a Visual CE form refers to another file, it uses the full pathname of the file. If that file happens to be on the storage card, this can cause problems because the name of storage card folder varies from device to device ("\Storage Card", "\SD Card", etc.). To resolve the problem, just pick one name for the storage card and tell the operating system what that name is.

The folder name for the storage card is stored in the registry. It is stored in the "Folder" value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\Profiles\SDMemory. You can use a registry editor to change it.

Tools to view and modify the registry are available commercially for a few dollars. You can find them at or Just search for "registry editor". At the time of this writing, there was also a free one available at