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Tip of the Month (August 2005)

Installing the SYWARE Print Engine

Although printing capabilities are included in all desktop Windows operating systems, they are not always part of the handheld operating system. When you install the Report CE development environment, we install the SYWARE Print Engine onto your development handheld.

You can use the Report CE Professional Edition or a MobileSuite to create a redistributable installer for your report. You may want this installer to also install the SYWARE Print Engine. If you do, make the following changes to your Report CE redistributable installer:

In the \Windows folder of your development handheld, there is a file called SYWAREPR.dll. Using ActiveSync, copy this file into the folder containing your Report CE redistributable installer and rename it to SYWAREPR.dll.ARM_2K

Then, using a text editor such as notepad, open a file called "Report CE.lod" that is in your Report CE redistributable installer folder. In step (4), there are one or more 'copy' directives. After the last one, add

copy . . sywarepr.dll

Note: You can go to and download the latest SYWARE Print Engine. Find the appropriate .dll for your device (from the last column in the table), rename the file from PrEngineCE.dll to SYWAREPR.dll, and use this file to replace the \Windows\SYWAREPR.dll on the hanhdeld.