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Tip of the Month (November 2006)

Scroll Bars on Forms With Move-To-When-Pressed Buttons

When a form is larger than the physical screen of the device, Visual CE auotmatically puts up scroll bars UNLESS there is a move-to-when-pressed button on the form (see the November 2002 tip of the month).

But, it is possible that you would want both the scroll bar and a move-to-when-pressed button on your form. Starting in version 10.0, this can be done by putting the move-to-when-pressed command inside a macro, rather than on a command button.

First create a macro (EDIT | MACRO/EVENTS). In that macro, include a move-to-when-pressed command. Then, on your form, create a RUN MACRO button that runs that macro.

Since there is no move-to-when-pressed button on the form, Visual CE will not suppress the scroll bars. When the user presses the RUN MACRO button, the form will move to the desired region.