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Tip of the Month (July 2008)

Reversing the Record Order (from the desktop)

Note: This tip talks about how to reverse the record order when you are working on the desktop with your handheld attached. For instructions on how to do this on the handheld itself, see the September 2010 tip.

Most of the time, when you want to see your records ordered by a column, you want numbers and text to be sorted in ascending order and dates to be descending. But sometimes you want the records sorted in the opposite direction.

In order to present the records in sorted order, Visual CE uses an index you previously created. The records are displayed in the order of this index. By default, when you create an index, numbers and text are sorted in ascending order and dates descending. But it does not have to be this way, you can create this index in the opposite order.

To do this:

  1. Do a soft reset of the handheld device
  2. Connect your handheld to the desktop
  3. Run Visual CE on the desktop
  4. Open a form over the table
  6. Remove the index from the list of indexes
  7. Press OK to dismiss the MODIFY TABLE dialog
  8. Select FILE | MODIFY TABLE again
  9. Add the index to the list of indexes
  10. Press down and hold the SHIFT key
  11. While still holding down the SHIFT key, press OK to dismiss the MODIFY TABLE dialog
The index will be created in the opposite order.

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