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Tip of the Month (March 2009)

Changing the mEnable Manager's IP Address

The first time you run the mEnable Manager on the handheld, you are asked for the IP address of the mEnable server. When a connection is established the first time, this IP address is saved in the handheld so you do not have to reenter it on subsequent mEnable Manager sessions. But, it is possible you might want to change the IP address.

Here's how to create a form you can use to change the IP address:

  1. Run Visual CE on the desktop
  2. Select FILE | NEW FORM. Select "No underlying database".
  3. Select EDIT | MACROS/EVENTS and create a new macro called STARTUP. The STARTUP macro will have three steps:
      Step 1: mEnable on
      Step 2: mEnable off
      Step 3: Record | Close
  4. Click the EVENTS button
  5. Set the On Startup event to STARTUP.
  6. Click OK, then click CLOSE.
  7. Select FILE | DOWNLOAD FORM and download the form to the handheld.
  8. Run the form on the handheld.

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