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Tip of the Month (February 2010)

Dealing with "Macro not found" errors

When you remove a macro from your form, Visual CE does not remove the references to that macro in the control events, form events, custom menu commands, nor the RUN MACRO macro steps. If you then try to run that form, you will see a "Macro not found" error. It is up to you to find and remove these macro references.

The easiest way to find these references is to get a textual description of the form and then search that description for the missing macro.

To get a textual description of the form, open the form in the form designer and select FILE | SAVE AS. Then, where you enter the name of the file, specify a file with an extension of .TXT (rather than .VCE). A textual description of the form will be placed in that file.

After you do this, all you need to do is use a text editor such as notepad and search that file for the text "*** UNDEFINED MACRO ***".

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