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Tip of the Month (May 2011)

Translating the Record Not Found Message

Visual CE is primarily an English product. We don't do anything to preclude other languages...but we don't do anything to specifically accomodate them either. Menus can be translated using a custom menu. Buttons and Message Boxes translated when you create them. However there is a "Record not found" message that you might also want translated.

"Record not found" occurs in two cases: when you do a search and when you turn on a filter. In both cases, instead of doing a simple RECORD | SEARCH (or OPTION | FILTER | MY FILTER), do it as a macro:


    Step 2: Return From Macro

    Step 3: MessageBox "Record not found" (translated of course)

    Step 4: Return From Macro
In Step 1, set "Skip...if not found" to 1

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