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Tip of the Month (August 2011)

Creating an Installer That Installs Two (or more) Applications

Normally an installer you build with Visual CE's FILE | CREATE DISTRIBUTION FILES installs a single application. But, you may want your installer to install two (or more) applications at the same time. Here's how.

Say you have two applications:

  • Application A with the forms A1.vce, A2.vce, and A3.vce
  • Application B with the forms B1.vce, B2.vce, and B3.vce
Create a simple form (SWITCHBOARD.vce) with no underlying table that has just two buttons:
  • A RUN EXTERNAL for A.vce
  • A RUN EXTERNAL for B.vce
When you use FILE | CREATE DISTRIBUTION FILES to build your installer, specify SWITCHBOARD.vce as the "main" form.

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