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SYWARE Training - General Information

SYWARE offers two Training opportunities: the SYWARE System Building Seminar and the SYWARE Training Class. Both offer a great deal of interesting and useful information for Customers, System Builders, Developers, and anyone else with an interest in Data Collection, Field Force and Mobile Applications.

These sessions will demonstrate the possibilities and potential of mobile handheld systems - systems that collect information and direct activity right out where it is happening. They are filled with examples and techniques from actual attendance, inventory, survey, tracking, and many other systems. You will learn how to create mobile and point of work database applications that use many different kinds of hardware and input devices, over various connection mediums, from any location.

The sessions spend a considerable amount of time demonstrating the use of the SYWARE software products. Extensive instruction will be given on creating and deploying real world applications using the Visual CE development environment and the most up to date hardware and networking possibilities. The instruction includes a heavy reliance on actual examples taken from commercially successful, available, off the shelf system solutions. Particular attention is always paid to the individual questions and needs of the participants and flexibility is shown so that your instructor makes a real attempt to cover those particular topics useful to all members at the conference, while still covering all the basics, and very much more.

The basic difference between the two offerings is the depth of software training offered. The SYWARE Training Class is more oriented toward programming than the SYWARE System Building Seminar, but similar information is covered in both.

The sessions include all the meaty and interesting "how to" and "what for" information pertaining to all SYWARE products:

  • Visual CE
  • Report CE
  • mEnable

They also include plenty of experience with:

  • The latest hardware available including Tablet, Phone, PDA, Industrial, and Pistol style Pocket PCs and HPCs.
  • Bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, and RF and proximity cards.
  • Hand held, fixed mounted, and vehicle mounted devices.
  • Communication through a direct cable, wired or wireless LAN, or an Internet WAN connection.

Attendees will receive and participate in a discussion of:

  • Basic database design
  • Total application design
  • Form design
  • Communication design
  • Table and data deployment
  • Wired and wireless communications (batch and real-time).
  • Data collection, bar code reading, and RF and proximity scanning
  • Error trapping and resolution
  • Application navigation
  • Bar code printing and RF encoding
  • The use of Visual CE applications in conjunction with Mini and Mainframe Computers

Participants at either of our training sessions will receive:

  • A valuable CD with examples of the techniques taught.
  • Membership in SYWAREs Training Participant Group, where you can share your ideas, ask specific questions and gain valuable insight long after the meeting has ended.
  • Access to the best, least expensive and most competent hardware available at a discount. This discount never expires, and you may acquire as much of this hardware as you need.










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