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Biologix-IT Chooses SYWARE's Visual CE®, Rapid Application Development Environment, for Mobile Healthcare Information System

Cambridge, MA (May 17, 2004) -Effective management of a medical practice begins with a complete and accurate record of services performed. Too often, though, physicians record the details of patient encounters in the time honored tradition -- scribbled notes. These must then be deciphered by office staff before being entered into a billing system and submitted to payers. Ambiguous or incomplete information at the point of care means problems downstream -- processing delays, rejected claims, and services provided but never accounted for. As payer organizations evaluate claims with ever-closer scrutiny, physicians needs tools that allow them to easily capture all services performed, in terms that payers will accept.

To address this issue, Biologix-IT (, a Kansas City, Missouri, firm specializing in healthcare applications and information management solutions for private medical groups, applied handheld technology to the problem. Using Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and SYWARE's Visual CE® database and forms development software (, the company developed AIMS Mobility, a new mobile healthcare information system. AIMS Mobility integrates with Biologix-IT's flagship product, the Acute In-Patient Management System (AIMS), used by ICU and hospitalist medical groups across the US.

Using handhelds, physicians can now record information about patient encounters in a way that balances physician convenience, the needs of the medical group, and stringent payer requirements. This information is then wirelessly delivered to the practice's central management system where a master database tracks patient progress, generates bills, and analyzes overall outcomes and demographics.

Based on SYWARE's Visual CE database and forms development environment, AIMS Mobility guides physicians through the patient encounter to ensure that information collected is complete, accurate, and conforms to standards required for reimbursement. An intuitive forms design, with features such as pick lists and check boxes, allows doctors to quickly maneuver through the fields while recording all relevant details. The forms are structured to reflect the flow of activities during the patient encounter, including symptoms, history, exam findings, diagnosis, services performed, time spent, tests ordered, and follow-up. As information is entered, new windows, cascading as needed, capture all relevant details associated with symptoms, diagnosis, or treatment plan.

"Visual CE offers a rapid and stable path to our application that is 10 times faster than traditional development products such as Visual Basic or Visual C++," said Chuck Colley, President of Biologix-IT. "I can choose from a list of command sequences for functions like sorting, filtering, or communications," Colley continued. "I don't have to write all the code behind the command buttons. It's already done in Visual CE."

Drop-down lists, note boxes, search windows and many other controls in Visual CE can be sized and positioned as needed using an intuitive WYSIWYG environment. This flexibility means that a handheld application can easily be tailored to meet the requirements of different medical practices and physician specialties. The ability to efficiently capture patient information at the point of care while complying with payer and regulatory rules can lead to better outcomes, improved financial performance, and more satisfying relationships with payer organizations.

The first rollout of AIMS Mobility was completed at Midwest Hospital Specialists, an acute care practice of about 25 physicians serving hospitals in the greater Kansas City, Missouri, area. Other rollouts are planned as current AIMS customers move to extend their system's capabilities at the point of care.

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