An Overview of SYWARE's
Data Synchronization and
Replication Solution

You have valuable data in your corporate relational database: customer contact information, sales data, order histories, product information, etc. Used effectively, this data can make you money. But to be effective, the data has be accurate and in the right place at the right time. And often, the right place is not in your office - it's on the road, where the information is needed - in remote and mobile applications!

DataSync puts vital information from your corporate database in the hands of the people who can use it. Use DataSync to

  • extract data to a local database
  • access and update the data with your existing PC applications
  • merge the local database with the master database using DataSync.

DataSync keeps your data up-to-date and consistent automatically!

DataSync is the premiere general purpose product for replication and synchronization of relational databases. Other products have addressed the problem of replication and synchronization of files. Only DataSync is designed to handle the more complex task of replication and synchronization of relational databases.


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