Replicate and Synchronize
Remote Databases

DataSync is the premiere general purpose product for replication and synchronization of relational databases. Other products have addressed the problem of replication and synchronization of files, or they only work with a single database, such as Oracle or SQLServer. Only DataSync is designed to handle the more complex task of replication and synchronization of any relational database.

DataSync includes these powerful features:

  • GUI-based development
  • Transaction support
  • ODBC compliant
  • Resolves update conflicts automatically
  • Transport independent
  • Offers predefined and customizable data synchronization rules
  • Extraction subsets and merge criteria are defined with an easy-to-use graphical 4GL
  • Data is extracted using the full power of relational restriction and join operations
  • Multiple extraction subsets can access overlapping sets of rows and columns.
  • Merge options include: Upload only, download only, upload and download.
  • Built-in or full custom procedures can be used to merge updates and resolving conflicts.
  • Update integration options include: Don't Change, Replace, Query Replace, Max, Min, Additive Merge, Multiplicative Merge, Custom.
  • Propagation rules can be specified not only for data that has been modified, but also for merging newly inserted and deleted data as well.
  • Communication resource requirements can be minimized by transmitting only the difference-logs rather than complete database snapshots.
  • Works with any ODBC-compliant database, including Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, dBase, AS/400, Paradox, Access and others
  • Full API allows seemless embedding of DataSync into your mobile database application.
  • Any existing or off-the-shelf application will work with the extracted data.
  • Works with most popular PC development tools, including Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, and C/C++.


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